Code of Conduct

NAMC-Washington members will adhere to the following Code of Conduct:

1. Members will treat people, in words and actions, with respect and dignity, regardless of race, immigrant status, religious affiliation, gender identity, sexual orientation, or physical ability.

2. All Members are responsible for, and will be held accountable for, ensuring an organizational culture that is professional, productive and safe.

3. Members will not engage in behavior that would cause a member or guest to be humiliated, intimidated or otherwise treated in an inappropriate, discriminatory or differential manner. The standard is whether a reasonable person should have known that his/her behavior would cause another member or guest to feel humiliated or intimidated or would perceive the behavior as inappropriate, discriminatory or differential.

4. Members will not engage in behavior that is, or gives the appearance of, sexual harassment; that is, behavior, by voice or action, that draws uninvited attention to another person’s sexual identity. The standard is whether a reasonable person should have known his/her behavior is drawing attention to a person’s sexual identity.

5. In the event a member believes he/she has been the victim of offensive behavior, the following process shall be used to address the alleged offense:

        a. A confidential complaint shall be made to either the Chapter President or Chapter Advisor, identifying with particularity, the circumstances of the offensive behavior. Preferably, the complaint should be made directly by the person to whom the behavior was directed (“Complainant”), but in the event the he/she is not comfortable doing this, he/she make bring the complaint to the Chapter President/Advisor through a 3rd party.

        b. The Chapter President/Advisor shall appoint an Independent Review Committee (“IRC”), consisting of no more than three persons, which shall review the circumstance set forth in the complaint, and any other information the Committee deems important to understanding the matter, and report to the Governing Board.

        c. Following review of the IRC, the Governing Board will confer and may ask for additional

information or take a vote, by simple majority, on what action, if any, shall be taken. Actions could include:

                i. Notifying the Complainant that there will be no further action;

                ii. Requiring the offending party to offer an apology to the Complainant; and/or

                iii. Requiring the offending party to resign as a member.